Thursday, September 2, 2010

All My Passwords/Days of Our Passwords

Yes, it feels like a long-running soap opera.

A few months ago, my iPad was stolen from my bedroom.  Because the iPad will let you store some of your passwords on the device, I had to quickly scramble and change as many passwords as I could.  I never put financial passwords or data on any device, but I did have some of my email passwords (yes, I have multiple addresses I’ve collected over the years), and some of my blogging and other account passwords as well.

I recommend that somewhere – NOT on any electronic device that can be stolen – you keep a list of all the accounts that have passwords.  I’m not saying to write down the passwords, but simply list all the services and accounts you have that use passwords.  That way, if something like this happens, you know all the places you need to go.

I’m still picking up the pieces, and still running across accounts and services that I haven’t gotten around to changing the passwords yet.  A list, like I’ve suggested, would have helped tremendously.

And to my former boss Jim, who occasionally reads this blog, you would be correct in guessing the root word I use for all my passwords.  Maybe I should change it to include either a prefix of $DTR or DTR>?