Thursday, April 1, 2010

We are not amused

I’m not a fan of April Fools’ Day, and no this is not a joke and not part of the “fun.”  An entire day when I cannot trust the veracity of anything from anyone.  Already I’m seeing, all over the internet some attempts at fooling us all.  One example was another priest’s blog in which he announced he was leaving his religious order.

Yes, buried in his post was a link to the Wikipedia entry on April Fools’ Day – which means the entire post was a joke.  I looked at all the comments to his post.  the first dozen or so were offering real heartfelt prayers and support – all of which were genuine.  Then they started revealing that this was indeed a joke.

What is funny about that?  Getting people concerned enough to offer prayer for a difficult and painful decision about leaving a religious order, only to tell them that they are fools for believing you.

Maybe this comes from a gag I played on someone years ago – which I thought was uproariously funny at the time – but in hindsight was terribly cruel.

There are sites I go to for humor, and I enjoy them – but I’m reminded that the Lord has not granted everyone the same comedic gifts.

Oh this little rant isn’t going to change anything, and today will be much more about pranks and gags than about the fact that it is Holy Thursday.  I will follow the sage Catholic advice – I’ll “offer it up.”