Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Joseph

This morning as I celebrated the Mass and talked about St. Joseph, a thought kept going through my mind.

St. Joseph accepted the responsibility that God gave him, no matter what his personal thoughts or misgivings might have been.  In true humility, he accepted his role in the Holy Family to watch over and guide Mary and Jesus.  Their holiness and wisdom probably surpassed his, but he accepted what God laid out for him.

As the pastor of a parish, I can tell you for certain that the holiness and wisdom of the parishioners far surpasses mine.  But God, through our Bishop has asked me to be here and asked me to watch over and guide the parish.  I accept that responsibility, and I let it call me to strive for an increase in my personal relationship with Christ, leading me to holiness and true humility.  As for the wisdom - well, I gotta work with what God gave me, and know that God's Grace and Wisdom are far more effective than anything I can do.